Wedding Invitations


All our models have been created by professional designers, with the expressed purpose of announcing the occasion to your family and firiends in the most distinguished, elegant and original way. Whether you like elegant, modern or traditional you can rest assured you will find your ideal design from our vast range of invites. We also offer printing, which can be customised with your own wording. Else you can simply choose from our layouts and select your preferred colour and printing style. All this comes at a very good price. We will use our professional experience to guide you through the whole process. To guarantee your maximum satisfaction, upon confirmation, you will be shown an actual printed invite before printing the whole lot.

We also have other accessories, such as confetti, silly string, balloons, ribbon, pullbows etc...

P.S. It is recommended to order the invitations at least a year ahead of your wedding date.

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Other invitations available. Please visit our shop to view the whole collection.