Christmas Trees


Available in 1.35m, 1.90m and 2.10m







Christmas rice lights 

Available in 100 or 180 Lamps.

Colours: White, Red or Multicolour



Candle lights


Can be used on Christmas tree or as a shelf decoration.  Available in red or white.








L.E.D. Lights

 This is a special type of light which is very durable.

Available in multicolour or ultrabright. 


 Outdoor lights


Set of lights for all weather. Can also be fitted with a special bulb which light automatically when dark and switches off during daylight.




 Tree Decorations


Various types of tree decorations in different materials such as plastic, glass and felt. 


Snow Spray


Can be used on all surfaces.


 Sticker Decoration


Can be reused.


 Christmas Star


Can be used for both inside or outside use. Available in gold or multi colour.



 Garland and Tinsils


Available in different lengths and types. Ideal for stairs and fireplaces.



 A variety of wreaths available  in stock.